PSP ebook creator

PSP ebook creator 1.0.3

Turn your PSP into an eBook library


  • Choose ink and paper color
  • Easy to use


  • No Windows 7/Vista support
  • JPEG files are big


PSP ebook creator is exactly what it says it is. It allows you to make attractive ebooks you can read on your PlayStation Portable.

While the PSP may not be the ideal reading device, adding books to your device gives it yet another functionality, and its excellent screen means text is well defined. PSP ebook creator allows you to import any TXT file and create a book of JPEG image files that you can read from the PSP's photo folder.

PSP ebook creator is an easy app to use. eBook files can be easily downloaded from Project Gutenberg and other places. These are opened in the application, then you choose the font size and style, background and ink colors, and whether or not you want page numbers and chapter breaks.

Select an output destination, then hit 'Build eBook', and PSP ebook creator will do the rest. Big books can take a couple of minutes, and the files are also pretty big, as they're JPEGS. Once finished, all you have to do is load the files into your PSP photo folder.

PSP ebook creator is a pretty basic app, but it does the job, and turns your Playstation Portable into a simple eBook reader.

PSP ebook creator


PSP ebook creator 1.0.3

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